Yonathan Levy


Each year, more than 2 million visitors come to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum. If we usually go to a museum to see or contemplate, here, it is a void that we come to apprehend, imagine and try to understand. An abysmal void left by the disappearance of more than a million souls in this place. Over a million human beings relentlessly exterminated, gone up in smoke and vanished forever. By the act of men like us.
With this film, I wish to show how a classic visit of the Auschwitz museum - with its well-oiled mechanics, its fast pace and cacophony - hides a more metaphysical issue for the visitor: that of an interior confrontation with nothingness, self-denial, death and with the dark part that is in each of us. I also want to show how visitors, consciously or unconsciously, with their simple and sometimes clumsy words, express this inner upheaval that the visit causes in them. How also others, on the contrary, refuse this introspective work and try to protect themselves by starting pointless conversations. And how, in the end, all of this reveals something about the very nature of human being.
Born in 1983, Yonathan Levy starts creating films at a very early age. In 2004, his short essay Scope Tour Retour is selected and awarded in many festivals around the world and also broadcasted on French television. In 2010, at the age of 26, he completes the production and direction of his first feature documentary film, Das Kind, which is also awarded and selected in numerous festivals around the world, before being theatrically released in France in 2013. Since then, Yonathan Levy has been dedicated to researching and writing historical fiction projects while producing his documentary through his own production house Elyon Motions.

Museum (2022, Documentary, 73 min)

Das Kind (2010, Documentary, 93 min)

The prayer (2009, Essay, 10 min)

Monterey Marienbad (2005, Essay, 12 min)

Scope Tour Retour (2004, Essay, 7 min)